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Here are some images of Elena and Sal’s wedding in 2010 at Tustin Ranch Golf Course . The story of how they met and got to know one another is unique and very worth telling. Elena is from Russia and before they ever met in person, they wrote letters back and forth and Sal fell in love with Elena via snail mail.

The more they wrote to one another, the more Sal fell in love with Elena. Turns out, Elena knew little english, and all that time it was Elena’s male interpreter writing to Sal. Elena and Sal eventually met in person, and despite the initial discrepancy of who really was reading his letters and writing hers, they had an unbreakable bond.

Sal had three children before he and Elena married, and it was a blessing for Elena to enter this family. It’s incredible how close the five of them are, and their love for one another is so genuine. This love story is truly romantic and  inspiring, and to think it is all because of hand written letters! Makes me miss the days when snail mail was the normal method of communication, a much more personal approach which made love like Elena and Sal’s possible.

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