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Harnetiaux Gun Show

One of the greatest things about family sessions is: props. We love PROPS!! And who better to show off their awesome props then the Harnetiaux Family. We encourage all of our clients to bring props with them to every shoot. This makes things more personal and always adds a special touch to each photo.

When I gave Rhonda a few ideas for the shoot I never thought she’d show up with a suburban full of chairs, guns, and a kitchen table!  I remember my parents kitchen table- we had dinner there every night (well except for Friday and Saturday, mom refused to cook on those days- and for at least 7 people every night I can’t say that I blame her) We had the wood bench on one side of the table attached to the wall where my twin, my brother, and I sat. The “big” kids (Kristy and Brian) were allowed to sit in the regular chairs to the left and right of the table while mom and dad sat across from us.  I miss those days (not the “you can’t leave the table until your plates clean” days but just hanging out at the table sitting, talking, laughing, and making memories. I look forward to that one day with my family!

Rhonda and Joe seem to hold on to the same practices as my parents. Everyone around the table for dinner- no matter how busy life gets we can all sit around the table. Which is why I’m pretty sure Rhonda brought the table in the first place.

Enjoy the table, the wood name plate which Joe and Rhonda hand made themselves ( I got one for Christmas too!) and of course enjoy the men and their guns!

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