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Realtor/Style Guru/Stud- Joel Kott

The other day we had the wonderful pleasure of photographing a looong time friend, Joel. Joel is a second generation realtor with his father’s company Paul Kott Realtor’s. They’ve  been serving the Orange County area for over 30 years. As a smooth talking, slick walking stud, Joel is sure to keep the company alive and well for the next several years to come.

As an up and coming “head honcho” if you will, Joel will be featured in a Real Estate Magazine showcasing not only his looks (duh) but also his ability to sell your home/apartment/condo/dog/ and first born to the first person who walks by. He contacted APictureLife to have a few photos taken of him in casual and dress attire. Of course we were excited and thrilled to be asked to shoot such an occasion.

Magazine spreads leave tons of room for creativity and imagination which is why Joel brought along the ever beautiful Kristine Kurschner, a stylist from Nordstrom. (Ladies if Joel is bringing a stylist along with him to a shoot doesn’t that make you want to have your home sold by him? If not, I don’t know what will) Any man with style gets my home/first born/camera (woah- OK let’s be honest here, NOT my camera) but you get the point.

Anyway, Kristine brought along some plaids as well as different sweaters and ties for Joel to try on and for us to work with from Nordstroms. As we were shooting I couldn’t help but notice how great Kristine’s clothes, hair & watch looked, especially next to Joel. So with a bit of pushing on my end I asked Kristine to be in some photos just for fun. The light was perfect and the scenery could not have been more beautiful. As you’ll see from the photos- bringing Kristine into the photos was BRILLIANT.

So enjoy your Thursday evening (Brent just got home so we are off to get some dinner), check out Paul Kott Realtor’s and be sure to be on the look out for Joel in your neighborhood.


I like to think of this as Joel’s future CD cover, that is if the whole real estate thing doesn’t work out, ha!

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