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High School Lovers: My favorite

The other day we posted High School Sweethearts Cam and Angie and today we get to post another High School Sweetheart couple: Ryan and Ruthie! They are to be married on June 11th at Strawberry Farms in Irvine, Ca. If you’ve been to Strawberry Farms before you know that they have a really cool RED BARN that couples have their reception in. Soooo I wanted to have that sort of theme for their engagement session as well.  We went on down to one of my favorite places to shoot (you can’t ever go there without seeing about 3 other photographers, the location is just THAT good) and spent about an hour shooting, walking, laughing, crying, and having a blast.

I asked Ruthie & Ryan when they showed up for the shoot if they’d be OK with me doing a little “Gag Me, You two are so cute Love Story” video of the two of them. How they met, fell in love, etc… they said SURE! I was soo excited!! We found a great spot in front of a huge white barn and started shooting. To see what happened next click  HERE it’s sure to make your eyes tear up.

We then headed on down to the beach for some sexy, sexy photos. Ruthie was such a trooper, Ryan wanted so badly to have beach photos and if you’ve now watched the video you’ll know that the beach is NOT one of Ruthie’s favorite places. Sooo for Ruthie to not only walk on the beach but to actually GET IN THE WATER we (ryan and i) were so happy!! I think after seeing these photos Ruthie’s glad she decided to go in too!

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