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Sam & Grey: Children’s Clothing

It all started with my black North face fleece and white sneakers (my uniform through all my years of college at SPU) that Erin and I met. She noticed me at our first “floor meeting” while living on 5th East Ashton Hall. She- a freshman and Me a Junior/Senior (after transferring schools 3 times you kind of lose track of what grade you’re in, especially in college).  Anyway, we met, we hit it off, and the rest as they say… is history.

Erin finished at SPU just a few short years ago and now with much anticipation and longing for her to “get on it” she has finally taken her God given talents as a designer and has made children’s clothing. The line is new, it’s hip, it’s classy, it’s preppy, it’s… “Prepclassic”.. it’s Sam & Grey.

Dresses, skirts, overalls, bows and bow ties. It’s an arranged marriage made in designer heaven.

Erin describes Sam & Grey as “combining the boldness of several bright patterns with the structure of simple designs to create looks that are both classic and playful”.

Erin is preparing to launch Sam & Grey this May on Etsy. There she will feature short overalls for the boys (Sam’s) for all those rolling-down-a-hill kind of summer days.  And for the Grey’s (girls) there will be no lack of whimsy and flounce, dresses that beg to be spun around in, and of course, a matching hair bow.

Below are a few shots of the beautiful Erin along with photos from a photo shoot we did featuring a couple of dresses and a skirt made by her.

If you are interested in having your child in the next photo shoot (boys ages 2-4 years old and girls 2-7 years old) or you would like more information on how you can pre-order clothing from Erin please contact us at: Ashley@APictureLife.com

Check out how brilliant the colors and patterns work together on both girls

Erin is ALWAYS sketching new designs and ideas... always


Erin's future car driving by?


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