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Eating for Two

I know I say this often, but maybe not often enough just how blessed I feel being able to do what I love each and every day. This past weekend was one of those days where I felt blessed. It was pouring rain outside and I was super bummed to have to call Christina and Ryan to reschedule their shoot. However much to my surprise Christina said that there wasn’t a drop of rain near her house, so I headed on over. I had 2 great locations picked out (the first obviously was a no go with all the rain) but the second worked out perfectly. Christina and Ryan showed up looking perfect (wearing complementing colors without being too matchy matchy) and ready for whatever I had up my sleeves. We grabbed our stuff and headed on out.

The weather was great (yes there was some rain here and there but of course I had a purple umbrella with me that Christina rocked like a Loui Vuitton hand bag). And Ryan, well Ryan was just perfect. He held my reflector, blew bubbles at my camera, and was the adoring hubby to Christina that I met 2 years ago when shooting their engagement photos.

It was a blessing to shoot their engagement story, their wedding, and now the journey to their first child. I can’t wait to share those pictures on the blog in June!

BAM! Ya Ryan you give me those sexy eyes!

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