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“Eye” yai yai

They met in Australia while  on a missions trip. They knew there was something special about each other but weren’t able to explore that curiosity  until they could return to the states, as they had to focus on the work that they were there to do. As soon as they returned it was obvious their attraction for each other was much stronger than they had thought.

After years of praying about their relationship and what they felt that God had in store for them they knew that it was time to get married. Well, Jessica knew… she had to remind Dave a couple of times BUT finally he asked for her hand in marriage in the most beautiful way.

Jessica showed up to their church; Friends Christian in Yorba Linda thinking that they had a meeting for their next missions trip. What she didn’t know was Dave had planned out the entire “meeting”. There was no “missions meeting”– he just needed her to get to the church. She was ushered into the sanctuary by a friend of theirs who was in on the whole plan.

As she walked through the doors she noticed that it was pitch black in the entire sanctuary except for 1 spotlight on the stage… there stood Dave, the man of Jessica’s dreams. She walked to the stage where he began to express to her just how in love he truly was and how there was no one that he would rather spend his life with. He then asked Jessica to sit on the stage where he began to wash her feet just as Jesus had done for his disciples.

In Bible times the dusty and dirty conditions of the region and the wearing of sandals necessitated foot-washing. Although the disciples most likely would have been happy to wash Jesus’ feet, they could not conceive of washing each other’s feet. Peers did not wash one another’s feet, except very rarely and as a mark of great love. When Jesus moved to wash their feet, they were shocked. His actions served as a symbol of spiritual cleansing and a model of Christian humility. Through this action Jesus taught the lesson of selfless service that was supremely exemplified by His death on the cross. 

When finished washing Jessica’s feet Dave placed his grandmother’s ring on her finger. It was perfect.

They will be married this September in Agoura, Ca and I will be sure to bring tissue as I’m guessing I’ll be tearing up during their vows 🙂

Happy Monday everyone~

~Hello Spring Sunshine, welcome to our Engagement Session~

If you’ve seen anything more stunning than Jessica’s eyes let me know cuz I haven’t.

Props to the ladies at: Flawless Faces Inc, in Costa Mesa for another outstanding job on Jessica’s makeup!

This is Dave giving his best impersonation of Jessica modeling~ HAHA~ Thank you for the laughs DAVE!

3 responses

  1. Courtney Leal

    Great pics as always! Congrats!

    April 18, 2011 at 10:36 PM

  2. daniel terwin

    Saw some of your work on Wedcharm through flawless faces, but i couldn’t find you on there… is there any way that i can contact you through it?

    April 22, 2011 at 4:33 PM

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