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Getting Your Subjects Attention

As a kid my twin sis and I did a bit of acting and modeling. I always remember my sister feeling completely comfortable with the camera where I was the exact opposite. The photographers noticed and quickly gave us something to play with. It could be a stick, lipstick, a stuffed bear, or anything to keep us happy. I remember one time riding in a big wheels car laughing and having so much fun- they ended up using those photos more than anything as my sister and I were the most relaxed and natural in those photos over anything else.

I use those ideas now in my own photography. Props and USEFUL “distractions” are a must. It could be a chair, a large animal, a squeaky toy, bubbles, or if you can get dad to run around crazy that seems to help to.

Try it out the next time you are shooting kids and see what happens~

Mom was standing off to the right of Hannah blowing bubbles- her expression to me is completely natural and carefree

In this photo Carissa's mom is holding her in her lap while I was placing the camera right above her head. Dad was holding a large butterfly over my head to get her attention.

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