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Industry Night: Intertwined and APictureLife Photography StLyE

A couple of months ago Meghan & Katie from Intertwined came to me with an idea. They wanted me to join them in a fun night out with the other ladies in our industry.  We wanted it to be relaxing, fun, memorable, and of course FREE.  Everything was on Intertwined and APictureLife- all the ladies had to do was show up. So this past month we made it happen!

The location we chose was Dry Bar at Fashion Island. We rented the entire space just for the night. It was such a pleasure hanging out with these ladies “outside” of a wedding day. In fact it was such a hit that we decided we needed to do something with our brides as well. THAT post will be up shortly!

Thanks for coming out ladies! We had a great time with each and everyone of you ! Looking forward to a great wedding season!

APictureLife Photography (www.apicturelife.com)

Intertwined Events (www.becomeintertwined.com)

Anne Watson  – Franciscan Gardens

Allison Howell – Found Rentals

Henny Vallee- Utterly Engaged

Jeni Maus – Found Rentals

Kacee Geoffroy  – Kacee Geoffroy Makeup and Hair

Lucia Dinh  – Utterly Engaged

Anna Brewer – Elysium Productions

Calli Traub  – The Event Company

Erin Killingsworth  – Pelican Hill

Fran Bruun-Andersen  – Pelican Hill

Jordan Peister – Mintwich Design

Jordana Hazel – Hazelnut Photography

Julie Hill | Elysium Productions  – Elysium Productions

Katie Frederick – Ever After Honeymoons

One response

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful and relaxing time! I felt so pampered and my hair was more than awesome! 🙂

    May 27, 2011 at 1:41 AM

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