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Jenni & Steve: Part 3

before i show the details from the reception i have to share Jenni’s photo with her brother.  when he was a kid, jenni told him that he would be the ring bear at her wedding. he took that as actually being a bear, hence the photo below. 

at this point i no longer wondered where jenni got her fun, outgoing, lovable personality… her dad and brother belted out (when i say belted i mean in the most awful italian pavarotti voice ever) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to jenni. once they began singing they asked all the guests to join in with their best ‘pavarotti’ voices too!

and then there was the garter… for being such a petite bride jenni sure has big panties 🙂

everyone was super boring and didn’t dance at all…. 🙂

thumb print rings, my fav!

 Caterer – Olio Pizzeria

Event Planner – Intertwined Events

 Floral Designer – Jenny B Floral Design, LLC

Reception Venue – Orcutt Ranch

Bartender – Sunseri’s Bartending

One response

  1. stevie cruz

    beautiful!! did they do a donation instead of favors?

    January 20, 2012 at 7:16 PM

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