…:what we do at APictureLife in a nutshell:…

—> scotty + lisa <—-

i was trying to do something different for this blog.

i wanted to pick 1 picture from each important part of the day: getting ready, first look, ceremony, etc.

guess what happened?…

i couldn’t do it.

so here is the small/large version of their blog.

small in that it is less than i normally post

large in that i couldn’t not post some of these photos.

so here is scotty and lisa’s february wedding in southern ca.

aaww the sweet little flower girl… just wait she became much more animated through out the day!

it’s one of my favorite things to capture… the guys getting ready vs the girls getting ready.

night and day difference, night and day.

i love that lisa had her twin brother walk her over to scotty for their first look.

my favorite grandma, ever… you’ll see why when you get to the reception photos. and she may have offered me a shoulder rub and a glass of water during the reception for all my hard work 🙂

lisa and her brother taking a shot or two. their faces are priceless.

make it rAiN!

grandma wanted a better angle for pictures 🙂

tim from California Dj’s did an amazing job keeping everyone on the dance floor ALL night!

scotty and lisa’s 300+ guests all fit comfortably in the ballroom at Pacific Hills Banquet & Catering

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