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basic photography

i’ve had several inquires for another Basic Photography Seminar which i may do again


in the meantime

why don’t i share some basic information about photography here.?.


lets get you to stop photographing everything on AUTO. scary, I know. but trust me IT WILL GET EASIER and you may even thank me later ( i didn’t say NOW, but later: wink wink)

when i first started interning for a wedding photographer i was told to shoot on aperture priority or shutter priority (while this was helpful to start) it became more of a “crutch” than anything else.

i didn’t take the time to learn all of my camera settings- bad idea! i relied completely on the camera to think for me.

it’s a camera. it can’t think for me.

i put my camera on manual mode and have never looked back.

Soooo, what do you need to know when you shoot manually? a lot.


let’s start with the basics.

your camera has a dial at the top of it (this is a photo of mine)

for the sake of this lesson lets just look at 3 of the letters and what they mean

M= Manual Mode ( you control all of the settings on your camera)

AV= Aperture Priority (you control the aperture of your camera, while the camera controls everything else)

TV= Shutter Priority (you control the shutter of your camera, while the camera controls everything else)

turn the dial to “m”
do it. you won’t regret it.
now to the right of the dial you were just looking at, is this:
leave it alone, for now.
go outside and photograph something
go inside and photograph something
look at your pictures
are they too bright?
too dark?
good, now i know for sure that you are on manual mode šŸ™‚

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