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ISO: What is it?

your ISO
you’ll see the little letters on the top right side of your camera- if you have a canon like me. if not just look around 🙂
the lower you set your ISO the less sensitive to light – 100 being low and 1000 being high
the higher the ISO setting the more sensitive to light the camera will be making your pictures brighter
try going outside tonight, set your ISO at 100 and take a picture of the sky- then increase your ISO up as high as it will go.
you’ll see the difference- it may be blurry and out of focus (because we haven’t talked about your aperture or shutter yet- but we will) but by doing this you’ll see exactly what i am describing
NOW, you may wonder, why don’t i leave my ISO up high?
because the higher the ISO the more GRAIN or NOISE will show up in your photos
**zoom in on the photos you take tonight, either on your camera or computer and notice that the higher ISO pictures have more spots or GRAIN-
if you are not planning on printing your images larger than a 4×6 print than more than likely the grain will not effect your photos-
but as soon as you try to make them larger (5×7/8×10/11×14) you will start to see an increase in grain
for me personally
i like my photos to have the least amount of grain as possible.
when i shoot at night or in a reception where it is typically dark, i like to have my ISO around 800 or higher
during the day my ISO will be anywhere from 100-400
now you may be asking, why wouldn’t i want to shoot my ISO at a high number all the time?
that’s because your photos will can become “noisy or grainy”- depending on how large you end up printing your image
here is a perfect example
hopefully this helps you get a better grasp of what ISO is.
next up: aperture.

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