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—-> rule of thirds <—-

i’m a bit hesitant to post about the “rule of thirds” in photography


i will.

you’ve been working hard everyday learning the ins and outs of your camera

so now we need to know how to actually line up the photo “properly”

the rule of thirds simply means you are supposed to visually “break down” an image when looking thru the viewfinder or LCD screen into 3rds.

both vertically and horizontally.

there is A LOT more that goes into this “rule” but we are just learning, right? so lets take it slow, slick.

i’ve grabbed a couple of quick samples for you to see what i am referring to. (why the visual? we are artists, everything has to be visual for us, duh.)

in these pictures i placed the subject in an area that i wanted to be a point of interest.

the reason i hesitate to post about the “rule of thirds” is because for me everyone sees an image differently and interprets it how they see it.

making them an artist, a storyteller, a memory keeper.

i understand there are still times when the rule of thirds should not be broken or should at least be taken into consideration… 

you know when you are out with your family at an amusement park or somewhere and you ask someone to take a photo of all of you?

you get the photo back and what happens?

you’re either super far away in the photo, your heads are cut off, or only half of you are in the photo.


seriously, look through the camera and center it.

it shouldn’t be THAT hard, right?

on the other hand, you have your sweet little grandma having the time of her life at your wedding.

snapping away, photo after photo

nothing will be in focus

but who the heck cares?

that is why you hire me as your wedding photographer.

i’ll capture all your stellar dance moves AND

your sweet little grandma.

i will leave you with this advice for today:

take the time to look at your subject and the surroundings thru your viewfinder/LCD screen BEFORE you take the photo.

more than likely you are using a digital camera- you can take a million photos.

Why not take ONE and nail it?

let that 1 picture tell the story, not 60 million average pictures. do you get what i’m saying?

 enjoy seeing the change in your photos.

and of course

enjoy your weekend!

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