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n+b and baby on the way

too keep from over sharing on instagram, i thought it would be best to blog this one … a personal all time fav124






styled in the woods: part 3

..:rounding out the last of our shoot:..

i hope you’ve enjoyed this 3 part session

i’ll be sharing some other past sessions soon


more about where we are taking APictureLife in 2015















hair and make up: Kacee Geoffery 

flowers: Jenny B

accessories and styling by the lovely ladies at : Two’s Company

tux: Friar Tux

lighting assistant: Brooklyn.

lips and lotion

about 20 frames in and i can’t keep going without blogging this little number

you’re welcome


this lady walks into my studio today and says,

” if i could do anything it would be a photographer. you have the coolest job ever”.

my response…

so do it.

if you have a passion for something and you have the desire

don’t let


stop you.

we have one life.

go for it.

(i get it, you have bills, responsibilities, etc…) have faith.

i saw this on Jeremy Cowart’s  FB the other day.

and i love it.

if you want to learn

ask questions,




and don’t give up.

the scariest moment is always just before you start- stephen king

that’s all. happy friday.


i don’t know what you were all up to 9 months ago,

i mean i know what you were up to, but man!

i have been shooting so many newborn sessions recently 

it’s crazy!

and incredible.

if i don’t say it enough,

thank you.

thank you for allowing me into your new world.

for allowing me the honor of capturing your miracle.

i truly do consider what i do an honor-you trust me enough to capture the most unique, special, and timeless moments in your life.

a perfect example of what i’m referring to, sweet little mika.

my favorite newborn photo to date: mika and her dad.

thank you, sarah + adam!


shooting high school seniors this past week has confirmed what i already knew long ago

i am and always will be a nerd.

i’m fairly certain i wore my hair in a pony tail everyday- with bangs.

i wore overalls, the tommy hilfiger ones- please tell me you know that ones i’m talking about?!?

and i certainly thought it was awesome to stay after school to paint the periodic table on the wall in the chemistry lab

yep, i was that was me.

now take a look at paige- a sweetheart who is much cooler than me 🙂

ok let me give you a bit of background on this next picture.

we’re on the beach snapping away taking photos

up walks this guy.

“hey, can i take a picture with her and put it on my facebook?”

me: “um… that’s up to her”

paige being the sweetheart that she is, agreed.

i’m fairly certain she made this guys week.

i’m mean seriously, look at that grin 🙂

on a side note: if you are ever debating on whether or not you should have your hair and make-up professionally done for a photo shoot- do it.

the ladies at luca bella salon did an amazing job with paige!

—-> rule of thirds <—-

i’m a bit hesitant to post about the “rule of thirds” in photography


i will.

you’ve been working hard everyday learning the ins and outs of your camera

so now we need to know how to actually line up the photo “properly”

the rule of thirds simply means you are supposed to visually “break down” an image when looking thru the viewfinder or LCD screen into 3rds.

both vertically and horizontally.

there is A LOT more that goes into this “rule” but we are just learning, right? so lets take it slow, slick.

i’ve grabbed a couple of quick samples for you to see what i am referring to. (why the visual? we are artists, everything has to be visual for us, duh.)

in these pictures i placed the subject in an area that i wanted to be a point of interest.

the reason i hesitate to post about the “rule of thirds” is because for me everyone sees an image differently and interprets it how they see it.

making them an artist, a storyteller, a memory keeper.

i understand there are still times when the rule of thirds should not be broken or should at least be taken into consideration… 

you know when you are out with your family at an amusement park or somewhere and you ask someone to take a photo of all of you?

you get the photo back and what happens?

you’re either super far away in the photo, your heads are cut off, or only half of you are in the photo.


seriously, look through the camera and center it.

it shouldn’t be THAT hard, right?

on the other hand, you have your sweet little grandma having the time of her life at your wedding.

snapping away, photo after photo

nothing will be in focus

but who the heck cares?

that is why you hire me as your wedding photographer.

i’ll capture all your stellar dance moves AND

your sweet little grandma.

i will leave you with this advice for today:

take the time to look at your subject and the surroundings thru your viewfinder/LCD screen BEFORE you take the photo.

more than likely you are using a digital camera- you can take a million photos.

Why not take ONE and nail it?

let that 1 picture tell the story, not 60 million average pictures. do you get what i’m saying?

 enjoy seeing the change in your photos.

and of course

enjoy your weekend!