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n+b and baby on the way

too keep from over sharing on instagram, i thought it would be best to blog this one … a personal all time fav124






nate + ash

wishing it felt more like fall… but let’s remember socal doesn’t get seasons. so i’ll just pretend it’s fall looking at these two dressed in their flannel and country cuteness

b + a

it’s fitting i decided to blog these two today, because it’s brandon’s birthday! happy birthday, brandon.

i had the best time with these two. they showed up to my office and asked if we could change locations… they thought it might be too far. i put up a small fight and got them to agree with me. so glad i did.

aislynn picked the best outfits for both of them with solids and prints. complimenting colors and not too matchy matchy.845362

j and g

she has the sweetest most infectious laugh and a smile that can light up any room, this mama to be is going to rock motherhood.

i’ve been there from engagement to wedding and now almost baby, it’s reasons like this that i keep my client base small. having a personal relationship with each of my couples means i am there for them to celebrate all of their adventures, milestones, and greatest moments.

photography is the best.jasjas2


tim + skyler : bacara resort

can’t say enough great things about tim and skyler. their personalities, their friends and families, all around good people. the kind of wedding you want to be a guest at, especially when the entire reception jumps on the dance floor and sings “piano man” as a group. the last time i saw this all of the men sang with their pants on the ground, thankfully not this go around 🙂3011324119681012147


only 2 and already such a little stud.

IMG_5955 IMG_5939 IMG_6041 IMG_5773 IMG_5774 IMG_5995 IMG_5811 IMG_6016 IMG_6036 IMG_5839








IMG_0551 when a shoot goes EXACTLY as it should.

nothing, absolutely nothing i would change about this one.